Imagine practising yoga in an enchanted Costa Rican location. Just you and
the breathtaking nature around you. Being in the present moment has never
been easier and more wonderful than on a yoga retreat in the Costa Rican
nature. We will have yin yoga and vinyasa flow yoga sessions twice a day
outdoors, with breathing techniques and guided meditation.
The eco-hotel has majestic views of the Arenal volcano, the Arenal lake,
and the El Castillo Valley, which you can see from the hammocks spotted
around the farm. There is a Yoga Deck, Jacuzzi, Vegetarian Restaurant,
Organic Permaculture Farm, Swimming Pool.
There are hiking trails on this 22 hectare property farm and rain forest. You
can even sign up for a relaxing massage in the Bamboo Spa after a magical
hike. You will also have time for meditation, swimming or anything you wish
doing. You will even have a workshop where you learn the basics of
designing your own practice. This experience will improve many aspects of
your life as you will deepen your yoga practice.
You will even have the chance to widen your culinary repertoire by trying
delicious and healthy organic vegetarian and vegan dishes at this fairy
tale like organic farm. The on-site restaurant will satisfy your hunger
for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They even have dinner demo cuisines,
that includes participating with the chef to learn about the unique
international dishes with a vegetarian twist.
During and after the retreat you will become much more relaxed and less
distracted by fleeting thoughts and you will be able to apply the newly
learnt skills in your everyday life.
Are you ready to deepen your yoga practice, transform your eating habits
and perception on life? Join us to learn being more mindful, relaxed and
enjoying every second of your life.

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