Organic Permaculture Farm
When the property was acquired, the farm was totally deforested because of the cattle which were here for many years and eroded the soil, it took us years to recuperate the lost fertile soil.
Over the years we have planted over 6000 trees about 3000 of them are fruit trees of over 40 varieties. We have a reforestation program around the creeks for hidro-protection and for the local wild life to eat.
Permaculture is like an edible forest where you can walk along the crops over 3 miles of trails. They are alternatively planted in symbioses to the next.
We planted guadua bamboo, which is a structural construction variety which we used to build our treehouse structure for the superior tents and our bamboo spa.
We also grow a large variety of medicinal plants and super foods which we provide to our farm to table restaurant. We use all the natural and healthy ingredients for our balanced meals. We make food our medicine!
The carefully balanced ecosystem we have provided with the plants also allows you to see a great variety of birds like toucans, scarlet Macao, falcons , butterflies and when lucky a quetzal, tananger, , sloths , jaguargundis, armadillos, coati , anteater, and many more species which feel protected and sheltered by our ecosystem and respectful presence.
Some of our edible planted trees included:
Moringa, Aguacate, Mango, Cacao, Guanabana, orange, lemon, grapefruit, jackfruit, tropical chessnut, breadfruit , Zapote, Biribi, Guava, Mangostan, Caimito, Achiote, cinnamon, Jaboticaba, Neem, Hombre grande, Plumeria, Peach Palm, Nispero, Azara, Mandarin, Macadamia…
Some of our medicinal plants include:
Ginger, tumarec, parsil, cilantro, basil, tulsi, marigold, Mexican sunflower, verbena, hibiscus, katuk, moringa, hombre grande, jackass bitter, guarumo, mint, coffe, cacao, cardamom, gotu kola, camomile, aloe vera, sage, Artemisia, rosemary , oregano, hot pepper, passion fruit and many others where a naturopath could heal anything with.
Enjoy your time in the rainforest and be respectful to all the creatures in nature. Every species has a sense and meaning even if sometimes they may seem inconvenient for us.

Welcome to the Farmpeople care

observe and interact

use and value diversity

design from patterns to details

use edges and value the marginal

catch and store energy

produce no waste

apply self regulation and feedback

Use and value renewable resources and services

integrate rather than separate

obtain a yield

use small and slow solutions

earth care

fair share

creatively use and respond to change