About Us

In the year 2008, the beautiful Essence Arenal project began through destiny and universal guidance.

Meet Our Staff

Nico Botefur
NLP Master Coach, Timeline Therapy Master, Naturopath, and Permaculture Designer

Born in Germany and raised in Spain, Nico arrived in Costa Rica after sailing for three years looking for a new home. He ended up in this rainforest paradise, where he immediately knew this was his place on earth to live. After 6 years in real estate until 2008, Nice was 80 pounds overweight and had a wide collection of emotional wrecks stored in his soul. He was taking daily pills for high blood pressure, gastritis, and some other serious body talk. In a short time of balancing nutrition, emotions, and bad life habits, these problems disappeared! The lifetime treatments the doctors had prescribed were no longer necessary. Job, friends, family, and environment have a heavy impact on his personal and spiritual growth and health. He feels that he needed to go through that breakdown to create a new environment and life, and to complete my successful search for equilibrium. He found emotional, physical, and spiritual balance through the creation of this wonderful place and wishes to share it with you!

Twelve years of living in the jungle has opened Nico┬┤s eyes and curiosity to this impressive ecosystem, which is way more related to the personal state, health and growth, than he originally realized. In every aspect of nature, there is a natural resistance before the breakthrough of a new life, shape, or state. We can see the same mirrored in ourselves. Often what we see as stressful, depressing, or dis-empowering, or in moments we unconsciously choose to feel anxiety or any other negative emotion, it is just the beginning of a beautiful new YOU on its way. Like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, or the flower turning into a juicy fruit, challenge and resistance often leads to breakthrough and transformation.

Alejandro Camacho Baez

Alejandro was born in 1988 in the South of Costa Rica. In 2013 he received a holistic therapy, who led him to a state of introspection about his life. It gave him the opportunity to reach a higher level of conscience, and he dedicated the following years to have a better understanding of the way he had followed. Now, he is a holistic therapist in integral balance, sound therapist and a certified Hatha yoga teacher (300 hours). He is known for his kind and soft approach to healing through energy and vibrational therapies, yoga and integral massage, including also Reiki, Shiatsu/Thai and Watsu. For the past 4 years was traveling around Central America and worked doing therapies and yoga in several Spas, gyms, resorts, lodges and healing centers.