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Finally available: Plots in ecological community. Home investment in paradise Essence Real Estate

The idea

From the beginning it was to create an ecosystem and community intertwined in harmony with nature and favorable to humans. This model of permaculture and organic agriculture emerged from 22 hectares of deforested pastureland where an immense variety of species coexist, it is more they make the strength of this new community-ecosystem.
The farm that has been in family hands for more than 30 years has been reforested with more than 6,000 trees, 3,000 fruit trees of more than 30 varieties, it has a lake with tilapia for the organic consumption of fish and using water as a nutrient in the forest system edible. Two chicken coops with more than 60 happy grazing hens, for the healthy consumption of food. At Essence we see the importance of closing natural cycles.

Our vision

Aside from the numerous styles of producing food, we have also thought about physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, making various spaces such as the Yoga deck raising over the jungle or the Bamboo Spa that has temazcal- sweat lodge, Hydrotherapy and various treatments such as massages or exfoliations. The volleyball court is very active during the afternoons where several members of the community appear out of nowhere to put together a good game.
In the master plan, consider an area of swimming pool and mineral water pits and party palenque to organize your event
Also a Spa area with steam baths, sauna and other varieties of healing
The importance of our work especially we noticed when the Coronavirus period and we were 15 self-isolated people from the outside living in magical harmony and living on most of the products of the farm and enjoying the facilities doing courses or skills exchange.

Our Dream that comes true

The dream and goal is to make a special community with special members with the same connections towards the importance of living a different life focused on different values ​​and priorities, such as the importance of a fair balance towards our and other species, living with respect towards the environment, live a good and healthy life thinking about the future without violating the present.
We use as much as possible construction and energy alternatives in balance with the environment.
Of the 22 hectares, only 9 hectares will be parceled, maintaining the remaining 13 green area, protected and agriculture area and one hectare of the hotel, which will be ideal for when you have guests and have the option of staying close but independently.
We also have our renowned restaurant with organic alternative cuisine.
All the crops of the farm will be primarily be available for community members in form of and internal organic market.

The environment and setting

As the main protagonist the majestic Arenal volcano and at its skirts the serene Arenal Lake. Surrounded by thousands of hectares of protected area such as Arenal National Park, Monte Verde and the Eternal Child Forest. Privileged for its cool microclimate and abundant springs with mineral water.
This scenario is essential for a healthy and happy balance, plus healthy local customs will make our community pure centenarians.
The el Castillo town consists of 1 primary and secondary school 2 supermarkets 9 restaurants information center, Catholic and Evangelical Church and several hotels.

Our services

For the comfort of the inhabitants of the community we offer gardening, maintenance and construction services so that your property is always a pleasure and not a burden.
Our Hotel operation offers the rental and cleaning services in case you choose to rent your house or guest house and ad extra income to your investment. The main access is through the hotel entrance which is a plus of privacy

Our plots of more than 5000m2

9 hectares in 16 plots with magnificent views of the volcano and lake bordering a primary forest, organic farm and streams of spring water.
The plots range from $ 100,000 to $ 190,000 in the first phase until January 2021
According to a study of the situation, 70% can be financed.