la fortuna arenal spa

Our spa is located in a privileged zone of the jungle, with a unique view of the Arenal volcano and lake. You will find different plantations like cacao, coffee, sugar cane, corn, different vegetables and a unique selection of medicinal herbs among others in the middle of a permaculture farm close by.

Many of our products are harvested here using a special selection of herbs which make of them an unique, fresh and organic choice. After this, we reiterate our commitment with health and natural alternatives and full respect for the environment.

Healing Through Wellness @ Essence Arenal
Spa/Wellness Treatments

Deep tissue massage $55 for 60 minutes
Thai massage $65 for 60 minutes
Reflexology $48 for 1 hour
Volcanic mud wrap $25 for 30 minutes
Yoga $12 for 60 minutes
Reiki $48 for 60 minutes
Naturopathy $48 for session
NLP Coaching $280 for 5 hour packages
Timeline therapy $55 for 1 hour session
Lezaeta hydrotherapy $48 for session
Temazcal (sweat lodge )$25 2 hours min 4 person
Ionic foot detox $48 for 45 minutes session

Most of the time all our therapists and masters are on site but please confirm before your arrival.


Essence Arenal Wellness is humbled to announce the opening of our NEGATIVE CARBON FOOTPRINT, Hydro Therapy Spa Circuit consisting of the following:

TURKISH STEAM BATH an AROMATHERAPY experience with herbs from our organic permaculture farm.

FINNISH SAUNA a treatment where you will be surrounded by fragrant natural LAUREL WOOD known for its anti viral properties and naturally fragranced water.

36 JET JACUZZI which delivers massages to different regions of the body.

Stronger immune system, better sleep, glowing skin, reduction of cellulite, flushing out of toxins, relief from arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fybromalgia, quicker recovery from muscle injury, back pain and decrease in anxiety and stress to name a few.