Welcome to the Essence Arenal

Our Place

The Essence Arenal project started through a process of destined, universal guidance. Essence Arenal is snuggled in a lush, rainforest jungle. Which allows you to immerse yourself in an authentic grounding experience off the beaten track. Our 22 hectare prime location is a hilltop property in the jungle.

Experience majestic views of the Arenal Volcano, Lake, and El Castillo Valley. Essence Arenal is an Eco Lodge, a hotel, a restaurant, a Permaculture Farm, Spa, Wellness Retreat and Eco Residential community.

We strive to live in accordance with the naturals laws of nature and we invite you to join us enjoy her gifts in a sustainable way of living.

We are contributing to environmental sustainability by utilizing 90% solar energy, locally sourced natural spring water, the introduction of a healthy ecosystem and a pesticide/chemical free terrain for the past 13 years.

Our Restaurant

Essence Arenal Restaurant prepares nutritious, organic, vegetarian, and vegan cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. We have broad experience in catering for special dietary requirements.

Our chefs create delicious meals and also provide detox smoothies to compliment your healing journey. We use seasonal produce from our organic farm and local famers.

Our Eco Lodge

Offer a selection of rooms on our property to choose from, for a bespoke experience, for our adventure lovers, we offer our glamping treehouse type jungle experience, traditional private rooms with end suite bathroom or one bedroom casitas with your own kitchen and living room.

Our living spaces are spread over 2 hectares of forests that will encourage brisk walking in the naturally hilly terrain.

Our Permaculture Farm

Offers you a well-established eco system with 3 miles of trails, where we planted over 9000 trees, as a result of our re forestation, Essence has innumerable varieties of flora and fauna. When we started Essence in 1997, it was an over grazed cattle ranch with 90% of the rainforest stripped away.

Today, most of the 22 hectares are now a vibrant, medicinal, food forest, home to our free range chickens [for their eggs], tilapia pond, bee hives, a mineral water pool, a frog pond, to name a few.


Has been steadily upgrading our wellness program to fit the needs of our ever changing world. At Essence Arenal, there will always be a constant stream of natural healing.

May our Essence Arenal family offer you a holistic pampering experience? Indulge yourself in our an aroma therapy steam bath, a laurel wood finished sauna and 36 jet hydro therapy jacuzzi, with an indescribable view of Arenal Volcano will provide you with the right balance to experience the magical, healing rainforest or reenergize you for one of our local adventures or tours.

Many of our products are harvested here using a special selection of herbs which make of them an unique, fresh and organic choice. After this, we reiterate our commitment with health and natural alternatives and full respect for the environment.

Being a holistic community apart from our resident healing ant therapies members. We have seasonal therapist and healers who choose to spend some periods in Essence Arenal to share our community and offer their treatments, this healing modalities are not listed but on arrival can be booked.

Our Wellness & Healing Retreats

Are you ready to enhance your yoga practice, transform your eating habits, change your perspective on life? Health, mental, physical, yoga, weight loss, and NLP retreats are offered all year round.

You choose the duration and inclusions from our retreat selections. Imagine practicing yoga in an enchanted Costa Rican jungle, enjoying the present moment while feeling relaxed and less distracted.

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage or an organic mud detox in our jungle spa after a magical hike or spend time meditating, swimming, or exploring our area.

Widen your culinary repertoire at Essence Arenal Restaurant which offers a delicious array of organic, vegetarian and vegan dishes. Please note that our resort is spread over several hectares of hilly terrain, makes walking an important part of your retreat experience.

Essence Arenal